Aziz Ansari goes in on every rapper…WHERE ARE YOUR VERSES?

Oh em gee. Comedian Aziz Ansari goes in on every rapper in life with hilarious results. Choice #shotsfired:

Drake: (can I love a man with a Hotmail address?)
Wu Tang: I went through floor mats fool!
Dr. Dre: What about some “verses by Dr. Dre” verses?
Clipse: How about putting some work clothes on?
Kanye: Oh here’s a picture of a dope treehouse in Scandinavia. I just designed a new shoe with Bugle Boy.

Download here Shout outs to Low Key for this one.


Pics: Kid Cudi shows off his smedium sex appeal

The Cudster shows us what’s under his BAPE hoodie in these revealing pics for Calvin Klein. I’m definitely on my smedium kick but I would have liked to save something for the honeymoon. Thanks Bossip and SoundMinder for the skin pics.


Video: Inside Drake’s mind in new Sprite spot

The infamous Sprite commercial. I posted the trailer a while ago. Part futuristic, part an homage to MJ’s Moonwalker, all Drizzy. The reason I can’t get “Forever” out of my head.


Liz Lemon lists my ideal guy?

A funny tidbit I just caught from 30 Rock’s “Break Up” episode (Season 1) in which Liz Lemon lists the pros and cons of being with her deadbeat boyfriend Dennis. I’m not dating a beeper salesman who was featured on Dateline’s To Catch a Predator but some of these pros and cons describe my prototype pretty perfectly. Netflix Instant Stream; entertainment or relationship therapy?

Pros: Loves the Simpsons
Cons: Loves Family Guy

Pros: Has already seen me throw up twice
Cons: Has already seen me throw up

Pros: Too lazy to cheat
Pros: Is funny when he goofs on his friends

Click to enlarge. Pause.

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