Video: Jeezy Claus loves the kids

Good to see my Jeezykins doing good. Young Jeezy gave out Christmas gifts to some very deserving kids in Atlanta. Loves.

Young Jeezy & Ryan Cameron – Xmas 2010 from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

Source: Rap Radar


What happened last night: ‘TRON LEGACY’ screening

Event: Vibe presents TRON LEGACY screening
Venue: AMC, NYC
Sightings: VIBE editor-in-chief Jermaine Hall and Power 105 personality Charlamagne along with producer Just Blaze, VIBE editorial director Datwon Thomas, R&B singer O’Neal McKnight, Power 105’s DJ Suss One, the usual journo homies, etc.

I caught a special screening ofTRON LEGACY last night hosted by the good folks at Vibe. Starring Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, and David Warner, the 3D flick is a continuation to the 80s classic. Being someone who never saw the original or played the video game (shocking I know), TRON LEGACY was one confusing futuristic ride. The visuals and Daft Punk-scored soundtrack were on point but the plot line fell short on me. The casting of Garrett Hedlund was also a head scratcher as neither his acting or looks were appealing. I may need to visit Wikipedia for a history lesson and revisit the flick again because I think I missed a lot.

Fans of the original, nerds, and families will probably dig this one (coming to theatres 12/17), but for newbies I suggest a TRON crash course beforehand.


Merry Christmas from the Kardashians et al.

Everything about this Kardashian/Jenner/Disick/Odom holiday card is so wrong but yet I’d jump to be adopted by them in a heartbeat. Maybe the photog wanted a reinterpretation of the Addams Family?

c/o MTV Buzzworthy


Diddy confuses subway goers with hilarious ‘Last Train’ promo

Per Gothamist, “yesterday, rapper Diddy and a crew of savvy PR folk took over a few subway stations with signs and conductors to promote his new album, Last Train to Paris. The MTA took down the magnetic signs yesterday morning, but one new rider was mildly concerned! One tourist said, “It could definitely mess me up. It’s my first time in the subway. Paris could be a part of the city.” And there could be only one train left.”

LOL oh man this is what I get for not riding the subway last night. Only Puffy would be so bold as to change the NYC subway system. So what if a few tourists get lost? Totes worth it!

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