So I defended Azealia Banks today…

Azealia Banks sure knows how to rack up frenemies (especially on Twitter) but after her recent bout with Jim Jones, I couldn’t stands no more. So I decided to defend Azealia for Vibe Magazine. Let me know your thoughts!


One Response to “So I defended Azealia Banks today…”

  • You did right! It was damn refreshing to finally see someone with some kind of platform articulating what I had been thinking and feeling for so long.

    I follow Azealia on twitter, and I’ve been present through all of these episodes. The disconnect between what actually occurred versus what was represented on blogs was infuriating.

    I think the worst that can be said about Azealia is that often she responds to disses too easily, or responds to perceived threats as opposed to genuine ones, because sometimes she can’t make the distinction. But in her position, I think I would be the same. It’s easy the criticize when you are not in that heightened air bubble.

    But this notion that she starts beef, and for attention, while a predictable response, is so far from the truth. I guess it’s just easy to believe. I have never seen the word “attitude” used so much as with Azealia, and yet I can’t recall any white female artists being told they have an “attitude” they must “keep in check”. It would be naive to deny that both sexism and racism have forged to play a role in the perception of Azealia, a dark-skinned black woman, in urban media blogs (and sometimes in other blogs, too).

    This is a long ass comment, I’m well aware! But I’m taking the opportunity to freely vent. My opinion isn’t so well-received elsewhere.

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