Watch me on VH1′s ‘The Fabulous Life…’ Atlanta

What makes Atlanta so hot? Check me on VH1′s The Fabulous Life… Atlanta talking about the rap ballers, skrippers and insane spending that make Hotlanta so hot. If you didn’t catch the episode on TV last night, here’s the full episode below.


Pharrell (and Pharrell’s Hat) perform “Happy” at the 2014 Oscars

One of the highlights of last night’s Oscars was Pharrell (+ his Arby’s hat) performing “Happy.” The feel-good number from Despicable Me 2 is my go-to song when I’m feeling emo. How can you NOT feel happy listening to this? Even Meryl Streep couldn’t help shaking it. I see you, Meryl.


Selfie: Shooting some things for TV!

Selfie time! Shot some cool commentary for a major network about major celebrities. Airing soon. Stay tuned! P.S. I love love love the blue eyeshadow the makeup artist used on me.



I’m on Revolt TV!

Yesterday the good folks at Revolt TV asked me once again to jump on-air as a music expert. I spoke with host Amrit Singh about this week’s Billboard charts. And if you’re wondering, yes, it was done on Skype from my bedroom! As a journalist and on-camera expert, I’ve become pretty damn good at turning my bedroom into an ad hoc studio (Not like THAT!) It’s all about finding good lighting and your angles and smizing. Tyra would be proud.


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