Throwback Thursday! Clique, clique, clique…

It’s Thursday so it’s only right to bring some photos out of the vault for you guys. In college at the University of Michigan, my girls and I called ourselves Mi.STL.Chi (an acronym for Michigan, St. Louis and Chicago) and we thought we were hot stuff. You can’t tell from these throwback flicks?

NO COMMENT on these fashions. Let’s just say, they were poppin’ in the Midwest at the time.




Happy birthday Beyonce!

Happy BeyDay everyone!



The perfect remote office…

One of the best parts about working for myself, is that I can work from literally anywhere in the world. Instead of going into an office, I can work from a coffee shop or in my jammies, which I do more often than I’d like to admit. I recently stumbled upon this awesome cafe in my hood with strong iced coffee (so necessary), bananas (brain food), free wifi and great people watching. Now, all I need to do is get over this writer’s block and get to work! Grrr…



Flu, flu go away…

I’ve been battling a horrible flu for the past several days. The gross NYC weather (Another winter storm?) coupled with everyone and their mama being sick has left me pretty much MIA this week. No events, no concerts and as you can see, no blogging. After copious amounts of chicken noodle soup and OJ delivery from my local deli (Shout outs to Seamless), I’m finally feeling somewhat human.

Note to self: Suck it up and get the flu shot next year. I promise I’ll catch up on my blogging ASAP. I have so much to share with you.

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