Why does Eminem's freestyle against Donald Trump matter?

Everyone is still talking about Eminem's freestyle ethering Donald Trump. It was the highlight of the BET Hip Hop Awards and trending like crazy today. But this isn't the first time rappers have spoken out against the worst. president. ever. So, why are people talking? I break down the importance of Marshall Mathers speaking out--and what that means to Trump and America for XXL. Peep it here.


Push for Peace 2017

Thanks to everyone who came out to Hot 97's Push for Peace this weekend. The annual event featured me on a panel with a bunch of dope hip-hop folks including DMC and DJ Envy and moderated by Lisa Evers. Our conversation about the POSITIVE impact of hip-hop is coming soon to Hot 97 and on-air on Fox 5.

I loved being able to connect with fans (especially these awesome young women from the NAACP).