Welcome to new The Sowmya Life!

Welcome to The Sowmya Life!  Actually, it's the NEW The Sowmya Life. After six years, I decided to finally break up with WordPress (Sorry, WP) and upgraded to Squarespace. I am obsessed with the so fresh, so clean layout and the best part? No more buggy plug-ins that require remembering high school Computer Science class. 

I have BIG, BIG, BIG plans for the new and improved The Sowmya Life (Did I mention, they were BIG?) This blog is your one-stop to follow my adventures and musings as I traipse through New York City and beyond, interviewing your favorite artists, celebrities and trendsetters.  Consider this your exclusive look into a music journalist and pop culture expert's notebook. On and off-the-record ;)

Music, fashion, travel, food, gear and other deliciousness to come. Like the boy Drake said, just wait on it.