J. Cole - '2014 Forest Hills Drive'

I get paid to write about music. Needless to say, I get pitched new artists and tracks every day, most of which ends up somewhere in my ever-growing unchecked email Inbox. When it comes to this blog, I only share music I genuinely like. You know, music that's actually dope versus a meh track that some publicist/manager/rando sends me. 

With that said, I have to give major props to J. Cole for his new album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Jermaine (that's what I call him) did a total sneak attack on the industry, announcing the album last month and promoting on the super low low. No crazy single. No publicity stunts. He actually went to a fan's house to personally play it! Cole has always been a man of the people and I love that he's staying true to himself. Word on the sales front, he's looking at a number one record.

See kids? Be yourself and you'll always win. Plus, it's so much easier than trying to be someone else.

Shout outs to Cole, Ib and all the Dreamville guys for this one. They have been so humble and sweet since day one and always held me down whenever I needed anything. Last year, Cole actually did a phone interview with me for Billboard while he was sitting court side at the NBA All-Star Game. Classy.

Cop the album here. I already bought--yes, bought--my copy.