'Serial' is over… What am I supposed to do?

"This is a Global Tel-Link prepaid call from Adnan Syed…" For weeks, listening to 'Serial' has been my Thursday ritual. Last week, the podcast that took over the world came to an end and I have to tell you, I feel HORRIBLE. 

Like millions of you, I have become so engrossed in Serial... like to a creepy level. I have told everyone including my Mom about this podcast. It's that serious. After playing (and replaying) all 12 episodes, I have spent hours trolling Reddit trying to learn more about convicted killer Adnan Syed, murder victim Hae Min Lee and the mysterious sketch ball known as Jay. From theories about Best Buy pay phones to maps of Woodlawn High School, it's been so easy to get sucked into the rabbit hole and still come up asking "Whodunit?"

What I love most about Serial is the amazing storytelling by Sarah Koenig and her team. I'm a huge This American Life fan and hearing Sarah's soothing voice every week was just what I needed to get through a cardio sesh at the gym or an extra long train ride. The show is done so well, that oftentimes I forget that this is actually a real-life murder case and not a Nancy Drew mystery (Hey Nancy! Look behind the clock for a clue!). I really hope season 2 tackles a new case but in the meantime, I hope my bae Adnan gets his appeal moving along.

After listening to all 12 episodes, do I think he killed Hae? Maybe. Did the jury have enough to convict him to life in prison? No. Does he have a really sexy phone voice? Yes

 Thank you Serial for being my favorite thing in entertainment all year. Long live Mail Chimp, Mail Kimp and Crab Krib. Until then, I'll leave you all with an awesome remix of the show's theme song with the vocals of the late, great Notorious B.I.G.