Travel essentials: 'This American Life'

I shared my recent travel misadventure in my previous post about how a usually 4 hour trip turned into a 20 hour trip. One of the only things that made the journey bearable was being equipped with one of my travel essentials: This American Life. 

For those that don't know, This American Life is the award-winning weekly radio show hosted by Ira Glass on public radio. Each week, they pick a theme and different reporters and writers tell stories around that theme. I know what you're thinking. Radio? What year is this, Sowmya? 1954. I promise you that the way the episodes unfold is absolutely addictive. The stories are enthralling, the music is just perfect and Ira's voice is so soothing that it can make a travel day from hell enjoyable.

I highly recommend that you download the This American Life app on your phone which will give you each week's new episode. The show's website is chocked full o' old episodes so you can peruse 500+ episodes. Here are some of my favorite episodes of all time:

Cars : Go inside the secret world of car salespeople

Harper High School part 1 and part 2: A heart-wrenching, honest and resilient look at how one Chicago high school is dealing with gangs and gun violence.

House on Loon Lake: Turn the lights down and get ready for this spooky tale of an abandoned home . The ending is a bit womp womp, but the episode is haunting nonetheless.