Watch Nicki Minaj's 'My Time Again' on MTV…and cry

Nicki Minaj's My Time Again documentary aired on MTV last night and it was amazing. While recording The Pinkprint, the usually-private rapper opens up to the cameras about love and heartache, career challenges and personal pitfalls in her life, including a pregnancy that she had and lost as a teenager. I'm not even a Barbz, but can I tell you that I was CRYING like a baby during some of the scenes?  Kudos to Nicki for letting her guard down and enabling fans see a real, vulnerable side of her. THIS is the Onika that I've wanted to see for so long. When you strip away the fame, fortune and ostentatiousness, Nicki is just a round-the-way girl from Southside Jamaica, Queens that we would all be friends with.

If you haven't seen the doc, peep the full video below.