Misadventures in traveling … Delta, Days Inn and 'Dance Moms'

The last 24 hours have been quite possibly one of the WORST traveling experiences I've had in forever. After spending the holidays and my bday back home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I took a flight yesterday back to NYC. My flight from Kalamazoo (which btw, is a tiny airport) took off on time and I was feeling wavy. After I arrived at Detroit's Wayne County Airport, everything hit the fan. My Delta flight had delays on delays and after about 4 reschedules, I found out that the flight to NYC was cancelled. Kaput. I was one of the 900+ flights yesterday that was affected by bad weather on the East Coast.

The scene at the Delta terminal was bleak to say the least. Tired travelers, including a few in near-tears, trying to figure out what to do. Because the cancellation was weather-related, Delta doesn't hook you up with a hotel. They told me I could book into the local Days Inn for 30% off or "enjoy our lovely terminal." Jokes, right? Sidebar: The airport has a Westin but they were charging over $300 for a room. 

 This iced cappuccino from Illy at Detroit Airport was one of the bright spots in my misadventure

This iced cappuccino from Illy at Detroit Airport was one of the bright spots in my misadventure

After stuffing my face with a Big Mac at McDonalds and drinking an iced cappuccino from Illy--I need calories to make decisions--I decided to book the Days Inn. When I become rich and famous, I'll pay $300 for a room at an airport terminal but today was not the day. Anyways, the Days Inn hotel is far from swanky, it actually has a little bit of a sketchy vibe, but the beds were comfortable and the girl at the front desk was super sweet despite the grumbling travelers she had to deal with. I ended up watching a terrifying reality TV show called Dance Moms, which was the only thing on, and falling asleep for a few hours.

Today at 7 am I was back at the airport. Our flight boarded on time only to be told the engine (?) or something was frozen and we had to wait to proceed. Huh? We sat around for maybe an hour and then were told we had to de-ice. That took another hour or so and we finally took off and landed. The only redeeming part of the entire Delta experience was watching old episodes of Parks & Recreation on the in-board system. The wisdom of Ron Swanson can really get you out of a rut. Anyways, after arriving at JFK, I spent another hour hanging out at baggage claim waiting for my luggage, wondering why Delta hates me. Then I hopped over to wait for my car service in the bitter 12 degree weather. 

Needless to say, I was beyond elated to turn the key into my apartment, throw on my jammies and take a longggg nap followed by firing up Seamless for dinner. Longest travel day(s) ever but feeling cozy/ blessed/stuffed now and happy to be back home in one piece.