Macklemore drops the most important hip-hop song of the year: "White Privilege II"

The topic of white privilege is being discussed more now than as long as I can remember. In light of the Oscars boycott, the entertainment industry is forced to examine how it treats people of color. FINALLY.


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis release "White Privilege II," the follow-up to 2005's track of the same name, to delve into the responsibilities and issues around being a white rapper (and person). Should Macklemore be protesting for #BlackLivesMatter? What's the responsibility of artists like Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus who make millions off black culture but do little--or nothing--to add to it?

It's a deeply personal, difficult and important song that I encourage EVERYONE to listen to. Some critics blast Macklemore for trying to be the "white knight" but in reality, "White Privilege II" is about a white person speaking to other people about privilege. Let's be honest, any white person who doesn't know/believe in their own privilege needs someone who looks like them to break it down or else they won't understand.