Rihanna releases 'Anti'...her most non-Rihanna album ever

After years of waiting, Rihanna has finally released her new studio album nti. The singer goes completely left with this one. Forget everything you've heard before. This album doesn't have the pop hits or dance tracks we expect. Even the teaser singles like "Bitch Better Have My Money" don't show up in the track list.

Since the leak sprung yesterday, I took a quickie run through the project. So far, "James Joint" is absolute favorite track. I've listened to the sultry interlude maybe 50 times already. No wonder. Music industry secret weapon James Fauntleroy is behind it. It's very sexy. 

I'm not gonna lie though; I miss the radio hits. I need another "What's My Name?" or "Diamonds" for this to feel like a real comeback album.