Mmmm: Sweet Chick

Chicken 'n waffles. Two-and-a-half words that make my mouth water. Up in these parts, we aren't blessed with a ton of good soul food restaurants. Most of the decent ones are hella far from where I stay so chicken 'n waffles is a rare treat--until now. 

Sweet Chick is not only one of the best soul food restaurants in New York City but one of my favorite restaurants hands-down. I was introduced to the Lower East Side location (There's another outlet in Brooklyn) last year when Mass Appeal held a holiday dinner for media. Quick back story: Nas is a part owner of the record label and Sweet Chick. 

The food is AWESOME. I highly recommend the chicken and waffles, braised short ribs (which come with this incredible cheddar spoon bread) as well as the shrimp and grits. I'm not even a grits fan, so it's saying a lot! The music is always on point (classic hip-hop) and the vibe is casual but sexy. Come wearing Timbs and flannel, scoop out some major cuties and stuff your face with chicken goodness. My kind of place. 

Above is a flick from a special dinner I attended there last week. A 14-course dinner based on legendary producer J. Dilla's new album. Nas and owner John Seymour (who moonlights as a pretty solid rap journo when he's not chefing it up) def have a gem on their hands with Sweet Chick.