Beauty and the beat: Get you a beauty blender sponge asap!

I have a confession. I'm a super lazy makeup applier. I usually skip the whole brush and sponge section of Sephora and use whatever brush or sponge the product comes with or--better yet--my handy dandy finger. Sorry MUAs, but who wants to carry around a toolbox every time you have to apply concealer or powder? 

During one of my visits to Ricky's, I saw a display of colorful, little egg-shaped sponges called the beauty blender. The packaging is adorable but at $20, it seemed like a rip-off. Then I started seeing these little cute eggs everywhere, from magazines to blogs and YouTube tutorials. Finally, I gave in and bought the original-size beauty blender and let me tell you...GAME-CHANGER.

The sponge is so versatile and easy to use. Trust me, if I can figure it out, then you can. Just submerge it under running water and wring out. Then, voila! I use it to blend everything from my MAC color corrector to setting my face with pressed powder. This little baby has replaced nearly every brush and applicator in my makeup bag. Plus, you can clean it out and keep reusing it with regular ol' EVOO.

For $20, it's well worth it and it's so darn cute to boot. I'll let my homegirl Deepica give you the full tutorial on how to use a beauty blender.