Mmmm: The best veggie burger of all time is at by CHLOE

I'm Midwestern so I love my meat. That said, I've grown up in a house where at any given moment, someone or another was vegetarian (Currently, it's just baby bro). Because of this, our freezer was always stacked with veggie burgers, tofu dogs and the entire line of products from Morningstar. 

When I go out to eat, I usually don't order veggie burgers. Let's be honest: They're usually gross, vegan frankenfood and pale in comparison to the sweet, sweet taste of animal. That is, until I met my veggie burger SOULMATE at by CHLOE. I usually roll my eyes at overhyped food in New York City but the veggie burger is SOOOOOOOOO good. It reminds me of a healthier Big Mac. Add the air-baked french fries dipped in beet ketchup--yes, that's a thing--and standing in like for 30 minutes with hipster girls in the West Village is well worth it. 

I've never been to By Chloe without a wait but I'd highly suggest to steer clear of lunch or dinner time. A lot of people get Postmates to deliver but personally, I think you should have your first by CHLOE experience in person (Plus, they play classic '00s hip-hop). Peep an aerial shot above of the goodness I had with my friend Jenn on Easter.  I have yet to try the desserts but she swears by them...