Beauty and the beat: Sephora cream lip stain

There are days I can't be bothered with makeup. No concealer. No moisturizer. Not even lip balm. On those days, a good lipstick can go a long way. I've been obsessed with lip stains for a while but a lot of brands dry your lips up. Oh great. Now, I've gotta chug water to moisture my desert-like lips.

One of the best, non-drying AND affordable lip stains comes from none other than Sephora. I love the Sephora Collection cream lip stains. All the shades are gorgeous but I'm especially loving this new Whipped Blush (08). At $14 a pop, you can get two or three for the price of one prestige product. The stain lasts all day--barring eating a plate of ribs or something--and when applied with a brush, is easy to handle.