Summer is here! Casio G-Shock launches White Out Series at Stadium Goods

It's a million degrees in NYC right now so you already know everyone and their mama is in the streets. Summer is officially here and I love seeing my Inbox fill up with invites to get me out of the house (Thank you air conditioner Gods)! Last night, Casio G-Shock celebrated the launch of its White Out Series.

Me and my bae Sachin (Frank & Oak) hit up the event at Stadium Goods in SoHo. I've wanted to check out that sneaker spot for some time and it's a dope little space that's quickly becoming the new industry party pop-off.

Good to see my industry folks among the many, many kicks including Ash (300), DJ Juanyto (Hot 97) and Rob Kenner (Boomshots). Kanye's right-hand Virgil Abloh was the DJ so there was plenty of 'Ye mixed into the set.

 Selfies, sass and favorite things

Selfies, sass and favorite things

 Hi Virgil!

Hi Virgil!

The watch is clean and all-white. You have from now until Labor Day to get your all-white-everything looks so get busy. Peep more about the Casio G-Shock collection here! #FadetoWhite

Beauty and the beat: Sephora cream lip stain

There are days I can't be bothered with makeup. No concealer. No moisturizer. Not even lip balm. On those days, a good lipstick can go a long way. I've been obsessed with lip stains for a while but a lot of brands dry your lips up. Oh great. Now, I've gotta chug water to moisture my desert-like lips.

One of the best, non-drying AND affordable lip stains comes from none other than Sephora. I love the Sephora Collection cream lip stains. All the shades are gorgeous but I'm especially loving this new Whipped Blush (08). At $14 a pop, you can get two or three for the price of one prestige product. The stain lasts all day--barring eating a plate of ribs or something--and when applied with a brush, is easy to handle.

Beauty and the beat: Get you a beauty blender sponge asap!

I have a confession. I'm a super lazy makeup applier. I usually skip the whole brush and sponge section of Sephora and use whatever brush or sponge the product comes with or--better yet--my handy dandy finger. Sorry MUAs, but who wants to carry around a toolbox every time you have to apply concealer or powder? 

During one of my visits to Ricky's, I saw a display of colorful, little egg-shaped sponges called the beauty blender. The packaging is adorable but at $20, it seemed like a rip-off. Then I started seeing these little cute eggs everywhere, from magazines to blogs and YouTube tutorials. Finally, I gave in and bought the original-size beauty blender and let me tell you...GAME-CHANGER.

The sponge is so versatile and easy to use. Trust me, if I can figure it out, then you can. Just submerge it under running water and wring out. Then, voila! I use it to blend everything from my MAC color corrector to setting my face with pressed powder. This little baby has replaced nearly every brush and applicator in my makeup bag. Plus, you can clean it out and keep reusing it with regular ol' EVOO.

For $20, it's well worth it and it's so darn cute to boot. I'll let my homegirl Deepica give you the full tutorial on how to use a beauty blender. 

Beauty and the beat: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is amazing!

Did you know that when you Google "Indian hair blonde" my site is the FIRST result that comes up? I had no idea until I started getting crazy emails from Indian girls around the country asking me how to go blonde. I took the blonde plunge last year (You can follow my journey in part 1 and part 2). All of the emails, questions and comments got me to thinking, there isn't much out there about beauty for women of my skin tone. Let's change that. I'll be running a weekly post called Beauty and The Beat (Get it? Because I work in hip-hop?) as an effort to share my favorite products & tips.

Full disclosure: I am not a beauty girl. I am a girl who likes to look fly without spending a million dollars AND I need to be out of the house in 15 minutes (or less). I don't own a ton of fancy schmancy tools and I prefer natural beauty over everything. This is beauty for real-life girls who live real lives. If you want that full, contour clown face--no diss--- go somewhere else.

Okay, so my first go-to product is NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I got this in Cruella as a free birthday gift from Sephora for being a Beauty Insider. I don't sign up for any customer loyalty programs because they usually suck but this one is legit. Free stuff without pressure to buy more stuff? Yeah, I'm down for that.

This lip pencil is true to its velvet name and the shade was MADE for us brown-skinned hotties. It feels so soft and goooood to put on. I put it on by itself with nothing on underneath or over. The tip is a good size--kind of like a big kid crayon--so it's perfect if you're like me and tend to draw outside the lines by accident. Plus, it lasts forever and ever. I've worn this through entire four-course dinners (involved fried chicken) and it barely moves. At $26 a pop, it's a must-have if you dig red lips like me. Here's what it looks like on!

 This flick was taken in a bathroom when I was supposed to be at a birthday part. Sorry, the selfie lighting was too lit. 

This flick was taken in a bathroom when I was supposed to be at a birthday part. Sorry, the selfie lighting was too lit. 

Is Kanye West over?

Nobody loves Kanye West more than Kanye West. In the past week, the rapper/producer/fashion designer took over Fashion Week, (sort of) released The Life of Pablo, spazzed out on Saturday Night Live and went on a million Twitter rants. But is the hype worth it? I delved into the road leading into this new album for this week's Village Voice. Pick up a print copy or read here!