Mmmm: The best veggie burger of all time is at by CHLOE

I'm Midwestern so I love my meat. That said, I've grown up in a house where at any given moment, someone or another was vegetarian (Currently, it's just baby bro). Because of this, our freezer was always stacked with veggie burgers, tofu dogs and the entire line of products from Morningstar. 

When I go out to eat, I usually don't order veggie burgers. Let's be honest: They're usually gross, vegan frankenfood and pale in comparison to the sweet, sweet taste of animal. That is, until I met my veggie burger SOULMATE at by CHLOE. I usually roll my eyes at overhyped food in New York City but the veggie burger is SOOOOOOOOO good. It reminds me of a healthier Big Mac. Add the air-baked french fries dipped in beet ketchup--yes, that's a thing--and standing in like for 30 minutes with hipster girls in the West Village is well worth it. 

I've never been to By Chloe without a wait but I'd highly suggest to steer clear of lunch or dinner time. A lot of people get Postmates to deliver but personally, I think you should have your first by CHLOE experience in person (Plus, they play classic '00s hip-hop). Peep an aerial shot above of the goodness I had with my friend Jenn on Easter.  I have yet to try the desserts but she swears by them...

Mmmm: Sweet Chick

Chicken 'n waffles. Two-and-a-half words that make my mouth water. Up in these parts, we aren't blessed with a ton of good soul food restaurants. Most of the decent ones are hella far from where I stay so chicken 'n waffles is a rare treat--until now. 

Sweet Chick is not only one of the best soul food restaurants in New York City but one of my favorite restaurants hands-down. I was introduced to the Lower East Side location (There's another outlet in Brooklyn) last year when Mass Appeal held a holiday dinner for media. Quick back story: Nas is a part owner of the record label and Sweet Chick. 

The food is AWESOME. I highly recommend the chicken and waffles, braised short ribs (which come with this incredible cheddar spoon bread) as well as the shrimp and grits. I'm not even a grits fan, so it's saying a lot! The music is always on point (classic hip-hop) and the vibe is casual but sexy. Come wearing Timbs and flannel, scoop out some major cuties and stuff your face with chicken goodness. My kind of place. 

Above is a flick from a special dinner I attended there last week. A 14-course dinner based on legendary producer J. Dilla's new album. Nas and owner John Seymour (who moonlights as a pretty solid rap journo when he's not chefing it up) def have a gem on their hands with Sweet Chick.

Dolla dolla bills, y'all! Mission Cantina has $1 tacos in NYC

Ay carumba! The Simpsons has a great bit about Bart eating 100 tacos for $100. In NYC, I pay up to $4 for a taco so that seems like a yellow dream (LA peeps, don't even get me started. I know you think you have the lock on Mexican food..and you pretty much do). Anyhow, my dream has come true, y'all! I recently tried Danny Bowien's new restaurant Mission Cantina with the homie Sachin (Frank & Oak) and was shocked to find $1 tacos. 

 Me...all day.

Me...all day.

Before you get the singles out, I know what you're thinking: How good are $1 tacos anyways? Let me tell you, as someone who takes her tacos very seriously, these stand up to their more expensive amigos. The tortillas  are so soft it's like a cloud party in your mouth and who would've thunk it that split pea and buttermilk crema would be a thing? Cheap eats that don't taste cheap. 

Honorable mention: The black kale caesar salad with grapefruit and pepitas is not $1 but it's really one of the best salads I've had in a grip. After saving so much on tacos, you deserve to treat yourself.

Thrillist hosts 'Best Day of Your Life' in NYC

What's better than a scavenger hunt? A FOOD scavenger hunt! Last week, Thrillist hosted its third annual Best Day of Your Lifewhich celebrates the longest day of the year in the Lower East Side. Armed with a map--which I've clearly forgotten how to use since Google Maps--I hit several places for with an all-day food and drink stuff-a-thon. 

My personal highlights:

Melt Bakery served Cinnamax (cinnamon ice cream sandwiched between snickerdoodle cookies)...Omg so chewy and good.

Spreadhouse served iced coffee (and I totally caught Zach Braff walking in)

Cheese Grille served an ooey gooey classic cheddar grilled cheese with a spicy tomato soup dip (which I wanted hooked to my veins). Enough talk! Let's get to the #foodporn below.

 Hello, lover

Hello, lover

 Hello, cheesy lover

Hello, cheesy lover

It's Brisk, baby! Sharks and iced tea at Brisk x Mishka launch

I had a FULL calendar this week--just peep the blog for proof--and one of my many stops was at the Brisk x Mishka launch event. Brisk iced tea took over The Hole art space in the LES to celebrate a limited line of designs by Miskha (inspired by Brisk's colorful cans). I  ran into the homie Mikey Fresh (Vibe), who's one of the company's ambassadors, and DJ Nick Catchdubs on the 1s and 2s. Artist L'Amour Supreme live painted a very freaky shark which I snapped while in progress.

Thanks to Raquel (Olson) for the invite! We met at SXSW and immediately bonded because her hubby is Indian. #BrownThrowdown

 Shark attack!

Shark attack!