New podcast episode! I interview ultimate hustler Steve-O

I know you've been waiting on me to drop a new podcast episode. Apologies! Between editing, going to Italy for vacation and trying to detox from the aforementioned carb fest, I've been in a blur. But the wait is worth it. 

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For the new episode of XXL's Shot Callers, I interview my buddy Steve-O from Universal Music Group. From his humble beginnings as a biology student to unpaid intern for Pharrell, Steve has moved up in the game as an artist manager, A&R and digital maven. Take notes with this one, kiddos!

So you wanna get on Spotify's RapCaviar? Listen to my new podcast episode.

There's a ton of playlists out there but anyone who's a hip-hop fan knows that Spotify's RapCaviar is killing the game. With over 8 million subscribers, it's the biggest and arguably, most influential playlist that fans and industry heads alike listen to. So, how do you get on RapCaviar? I spoke to Tuma Basa, Spotify's Global Head of Hip-Hop, on the secrets to being featured plus awesome advice on how to network.

Listen below!

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