The Grammys and hip-hop: What's the deal?

The Grammys and hip-hop have always had a complicated relationship. From Will Smith to Jay-Z, artists have even boycotted "music's biggest night" for shutting the door on rap. Before the 2018 Grammys, I was on Fox 5's Street Soldiers (and Hot 97) with Adelle Platton (Tidal) and Safaree (Love and Hip-Hop NY) to discuss hip-hop + the Grammys.


So you wanna get on Spotify's RapCaviar? Listen to my new podcast episode.

There's a ton of playlists out there but anyone who's a hip-hop fan knows that Spotify's RapCaviar is killing the game. With over 8 million subscribers, it's the biggest and arguably, most influential playlist that fans and industry heads alike listen to. So, how do you get on RapCaviar? I spoke to Tuma Basa, Spotify's Global Head of Hip-Hop, on the secrets to being featured plus awesome advice on how to network.

Listen below!

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Why does Eminem's freestyle against Donald Trump matter?

Everyone is still talking about Eminem's freestyle ethering Donald Trump. It was the highlight of the BET Hip Hop Awards and trending like crazy today. But this isn't the first time rappers have spoken out against the worst. president. ever. So, why are people talking? I break down the importance of Marshall Mathers speaking out--and what that means to Trump and America for XXL. Peep it here.