Video: Nicki Minaj + Drake interview each other + address Drizzy’s furry situation

Nicki Minaj and Drake took turns playing interviewer while on the road for MTV. Nicki asked the question fans (and Sowmya) have been dying to find out: what’s the deal with the curly bear look Drake? Apparently it’s no longer for a film as we once thought.


Video: Drake at the Juno Awards…shout outs to Newfoundland @drakkardnoir

More fun Juno Awards footage from last night. Never did I think we’d hear a rapper shout out Newfoundland..but I LOVES it! All I can say is boy, those Canadian folks are sure nice. Everyone just seemed like they were there to have a good time. Must be the Uncle Joey effect (see Full House).

Shout outs to All Things Fresh and Drake Daily for the goodies.

Drake and date, his mommy

Drake and the Canadian Mounties (?)

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